TIMEPIECE Modern appratus by Andrea Davide

43”w x 38”h x 3 1/2”d

Learn about TIMEPIECE - A Kinetic Art Sculpture

An important sculpture marking Davide’s transition from painting into metal sculpture. Created as an exploration of the concept of time, the artist begins her struggled to initiate a relationship between life and it’s passage. TimePiece is the effort that led the way to Andrea Davide’s eventual passage into kinetic sculpture.

Davide’s work is founded on the mechanisms of time and the individual’s interaction with it, both on personal and societal levels. Many of her pieces, such as her quintessential series of RoundTimers, use repurposed items from old clocks and watches, such as cogs, gears, hands, etc. to create a foundation for these philosophies in each work. Many of these pieces are kinetic, which adds dimension to each of the works in both physical and metaphysical terms.

timeline. The influencing circumstance behind this initial exploration of time was as simple and universal as a mother observing her young children become caught in the unstoppable flow of life. A maternal recognition of her own children’s passage from infancy through childhood and presumably beyond, caused the artist to ponder the very mechanisms of time itself. Davide’s ponderances turned to research and finally expressed itself as the start of an entirely new body of work.

TimePiece, one of Davide’s few wall hanging sculptures, is a combination of antique clock parts, stained glass, and brass bars, which are used to create a geometric framework with the intent of invoking a sort of conceptual The irony which is explored in this sculpture, even its name, is that a timepiece is a time keeping device, though we cannot keep time nor can we hold on to it, it passes away from us. The possessions of our lives, even life itself, rests in our hands seemingly for an instant and fall away, like the passing moment.

Sculpture Artist - Andrea Davide - Working in her machinery shop