Sculpture Artist Andrea Davide created this kinetic gear art, stone sculpture,

18″diameter on 6″high base

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A contemporary artwork reflecting the artist’s ponderances on the direction of time’s arrow. We perceive time as only moving forward, but is that an accurate conclusion? Does time flow like a river past us, or do we move through time? These are questions central to our existence. The theory of general relativity describes the world in 4 dimensions, three of which are space related as the dimensions of this sculpture: horizontal, vertical, and height. The fourth dimension, according to general relativity, is time. Einstein suggested that time is not absolute. This leaves much room for the mind of an artist to maneuver through, as is the case with Davide.

In Future Recollection, which is an interactive sculpture, the glass discs provide a central transparency, suggesting a contrast between the solid reality of the moment in which we exist, and ephemeral questions regarding exactly what the difference might be between hours past and hours yet to come.

Future Recollection is kinetic on three plains using repurposed antique clock gears, artifacts of the past, with their own embedded histories, along with newer, unused materials of present day with histories yet to be written. The gears can be manually spun in any direction; the glass discs can be manually rotated in any direction; and the red marble, containing vessel can be revolved into any position.