StormWatch by Andrea Davide - a weather instrument metal sculpture

26”h x 14”w x 6”d

StormWatch - A Kinetic Wall Sculpture

A wall hanging sculpture which is Davide’s reflection on perpetual turbulence and continous political squalls.

Time generally passes slowly, evenly, but at moments it is disturbed, engaged, irregular in its beat. A kinetic sculpture, StormWatch reflects its disorder: recumbent, the pendulum awaits order, realignment, before it can return to its accustomed measured rhythm. This wall sculpture is Davide’s only working clock, though the artist never intended it to only measure the hours of each day. Made of heavy brass bars, which are bent and twisted and brazed, in this kinetic sculpture one can actually feel an unrest. It looks to track the time between each incident as each arises anew.

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