Meet Andrea Davide

A timepiece is a time keeping device though we can neither keep time nor hold on to it; it passes away from us.  The possessions of our lives rest in our hands seemingly for an instant and fall away, most lost forever, like the passing moment. My sculptures, “TimePieces“, respond to these eternal truths: each cog, gear, spring, each unnamed element, retrieved from memory and service, can no long participate in noting time’s passage but binds within itself the lives and intentions of its designers, makers and original possessors.  I, in turn, position these mechanical artifacts, and found objects, some anonymous, some with specific embedded histories, in a new, framed and secured relationship, with sympathetic formed supports and ties, bestowing linkage and context.

Recently, these works have come to center on kinetic components: RoundTimers. Glass, steel, brass, polished hubs, bearings, pinions and gears, connections conveying function, perhaps trying to keep time, but, without faces and hands, failing, as do we. They invite touching, turning, moving, and some have begun to move on their own: entrained, rotating, precessing, as if fulfilling some unknowable purpose.

As I complete each new assemblage, it, in turn, starts a new passage, embarks on a voyage on time’s river, carrying my sensibility and intentions to viewers, now and future, many still unborn.